Eliot Joanna Angell - Index to Student Work

1. Still Life with Reflections/Reflective Surfaces. Drawing I: study in distortion and value . Graphite, 18"x 24". Fall 2014.

2. Reductive Charcoal Drawing of Dark surfaces in a dimly lit space, Drawing II: Charcoal paper is blackened with compressed charcoal, then students draw the highlights and middle values using an eraser, smudging and scumbling where necessary. Compressed charcoal on paper, 24"x 36". Spring 2016.

3. Shape it Up! 2-Dimensional Design: A study in composition utilising color, shape and size, restricted to a number of each shape and creating tension and repose through placement and distribution. Color-Aid papers. 7”x 10”, Spring 2015.

4. Trompe L’oeil Drawing. Drawing II: Highly representational rendering of objects either in a box or on a rendered surface. Graphite on paper. 18”x24”, Fall 2014.

5. Color Reduction Linocut. Printmaking I: Five-color reduction linocut on Rives BFK paper, using sheet linoleum and pin registration, printed in a series of 10. 12”x12” Spring 2016.

6. Large Space Utilizing Perspective with at least 50% built structures. Drawing I. Graphite on paper. 18”x 24” Spring 2014.

7. Cup. Ceramics II: Handbuilding. Slab-constructed functional vessel. Stoneware, 4 ½” high, 3” diameter. Spring 2014.

8. Trompe L’oeil Sculpture. Ceramics I: Highly representational imitation of an object from your life. Stoneware.  14” x 8” x 8”. Spring 2016.

9. Figure Study. Drawing II: Study of value and distinctive personality in the human figure, 50% based upon imaginary situation. Graphite on paper. 18” x 24”. Spring 2015.

10. Color Intaglio Print. Printmaking II. Edition of 8 prints on Rives BFK paper. 5” x 9”. Spring 2014.

11. Slab-constructed Box. Ceramics I: slab-constructed box with unifying decorative theme. Stoneware. Raku-fired. 6” x 6” x 6”.Spring 2016.

12. Teapot. Ceramics I: Evidence of Throwing (requires 5 pieces of varying size and function) Stoneware. Reduction fired. 5” x 7” x 4”. Spring 2016.

13. Still Life with Drapery. Drawing I: Study of Light and Modeling Folded Drapery. Graphite. 18”x24”. Spring 2015.

14. Still Life with Chairs on Toned Paper. Drawing I: Working from middle values, finding light and shadow with white and black conte crayon. 18”x24” Spring 2014.

15. Box. Ceramics I: Slab-construction with attention to surface detail and color. Stoneware. Cone 9 Reduction. 10”x 6” x 6”. Spring 2016.

16. Pinched Bowls. Ceramics I: Hand-pinched pots bearing great similarity in form. Stoneware, acrylic paint. 5” diameter, 4” high. Fall 2013.

17. Sugar Muffin. Printmaking I: Color Reduction Linocut. 5”x7”. Fall 2014.

18. Drawing Based on the Human Form. Drawing I: Mixed media or India Ink Drawing based on the human form. 18” x 24” India Ink. 18” x 24”. Fall 2015.

19. Etching. Printmaking I: Copper Plate Intaglio print with aquatint. 5” x 7”. Spring 2016.

20. Polychromatic Monotype. Printmaking I: Multi-color monotype on plexiglass, based on observational drawing. 9” x 12” Spring 2015.