1. Drawing I: Still Life with Reflections
2. Drawing II: Reductive Charcoal Drawing
3. 2D Design: Shape and Color Dominance exercise
4. Trompe L'oeil Drawing, Drawing II.
5. Color Reduction linocut, Printmaking I.
6. Large Space Utilizing Perspective, Drawing I.
7. Slab-built and wheel-thrown composite cup, Ceramics II.
8. Trompe L'oeil sculpture, Ceramics I
9, Figure Study with Personality, Drawing II
10. Color Intaglio Print, Printmaking II
11. Slab-Constructed Box, Ceramics I
12. Teapot, Ceramics I: Evidence of Throwing
13. Still Life With Drapery, Drawing I
14. Still Life Utilizing Toned Paper and Conte, Drawing I
15. Box, slab-constructed, Ceramics I
16. Pinched Bowls, Ceramics I
17. Color-reduction Linocut, Printmaking I
18. Ink wash Drawing based on the human form, Drawing I
19. Etching, Printmaking I
20. Color Monotype, Printmaking I
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